Treasure Valley Coffee KAGRO Promotions:

MEMBERS come by our both to try our coffee and take some samples for home or store!


Treasure Valley Customers:

Cold season is coming!  Perfect timing to get stocked up for the end of the year.

For our loyal customers just visit us at our booth and sign up for our “Buy 5 get one free”!

After signing up our sales reps will sell you 5 cases of coffee/cappuccino (customers choice)

and deliver one free on the next scheduled visit.

New Customers:

Come visit us!  Meet our team and learn what we do.  Ask other Kagro members how we do.

Coffee can be a very important part of your business.  We can handle it.

If your business qualifies for our service our then first time customers get half of the first  delivery/invoice FREE!

First invoice is day of install and is an invoice for a normal delivery cycle.