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Greetings from Board Members


Greeting from President

Happy New Year and we wish you happiness and peace. In the New Year, we hope everyone’s business succeed and expand more. When “I” cannot accomplish the impossible by myself, “We” can always overcome it as a team.
The industrial world is like a war. To win a war you have to win multiple battles within our organization every member will face their own battles and in their battle, our organization will help each member to win. For the member to win at least a little more profit, KAGRO will operate properly. To accomplish this, KAGRO will need you to participate and corporate with the promotion that we will introduce throughout the year.
There is a famous quotation which states, “One arrow alone can be easily broken but many arrows are indestructible.” We all have to get united to maximize our profit. Also we are planning to operate a wholesale on particular items to KAGRO members and will do ‘Angel Fund’ system which will cover whatever the damages in the crime scene that KAGRO members might have. The reason for the existence of KAGRO is individual member who support the KAGRO. I and each individual member may be weak to fight to win in the industrial world, but when we work together as one, we sure will be powerful.
Hope we all succeed in our business this year. Thank you always for supporting KAGRO.



Jung Yi.

Greeting from Chairman

The year of 2017 had been difficult and tough for everyone. And the KAGRO member had suffered from the economic recession as well. We all worried on daily sales fallen but we overcome by comforting each other even when we are suffering from the same situation.
Each member had a chance to look back and reach out to another member who was behind. Like what we did last year, I’m looking forward to see replacing the idea of our positive from this difficult believes can be seen in bright hope.
If we all work together for the same purpose, we all will be succeed in every field, and will be able to overcome with any difficulties. KAGRO will do best to maximize the profit and give the best benefits to KAGRO members. KAGRO would like to give a sincere thanks to all of you who have supported our organization and please keep watching us grow for your beneficial.
I wish you the best for 2018. Thank you.


Chairman of the Board

Sung Yoo.

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