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About KAGRO of Washington


Organization Profile

The Korean-American Grocer’s Association of Washington KAGRO) is a non-profit mutual benefit association founded in 1985 to serve the interests of Korean-American grocery business owners, and the communities they serve in the Washington State.

Since its inception, KAGRO has been active in providing tangible services to not only its members but to non-member Korean American Grocery and Liquor business owners and to the community as a whole. In successfully doing so, KAGRO has realized a significant growth from its original 2 chapters to current base of approximately 850 members in the State of Washington. Currently, KAGRO has 6 active chapters, Everett, Seattle, South King County, Tacoma, Kitsap, Olympia, Centralia, Aberdeen, and Skagit County to better serve our members.

Summary: KAGRO Members

  • Approximately 950 Korean-American retailers generate over $2 billion in annual sales including Gas & Lottery sales.
  • Most of them are first generation Koreans with college degree.
  • They average 5-8 years in retail grocery business
  • 99.9% of Total are grocery (liquor) license holders
  • 7% of Total market share including supermarkets
  • Employment for Approximately 1,500 non-Koreans

Organization Role

The main purpose of KAGRO is to assist Korean-American retailers in adapting to American culture, lifestyles, and business. In this respect the Association functions are a vital role as information exchange and clearinghouse on matters concerning business, legislation, and on legal and regulatory issues essential to the successful operation of a retail enterprise. Additionally, the association functions are also the mutually benefited relationship between Korean American retailers and their vendors / suppliers. Finally, the Association serves to work towards the betterment of the Korean American community in which Association members conduct their businesses.


In our ongoing commitment to better serve our members and our supporters, KAGRO continues to develop and implement innovative programs for the future. Some programs, both currently ongoing and those planned for the near future are listed below:

  • Publishing newsletter monthly
  • Trade show / annual scholarship awards banquet
  • Annual seminar
  • Chapter meetings
  • Golf tournaments
  • Advertising production / direct mail service
  • Translation service
  • Community service program (homeless feeding)
  • Participate local community activities
  • Training materials development (diversity training)

KAGRO Newsletter Profile

The “KAGRO Newsletter” is the grocery industry publication produced by the Korean American Grocers Association of Washington State, which was formed in 1985. Delivered to 981 grocers and vendors. This monthly publication includes reports both in Korean and English. The KAGRO Newsletter promotes itself as a vehicle for the continued education of Korean grocers in business management.

KAGRO Newsletter Role

The “KAGRO Newsletter” is a monthly publication of the Korean American Grocers Association of Washington State. This 36 to 56 page, bilingual (Korean and English) publication is an unparalleled educational tool, reaching approximately 1,000 Korean American retailers in Washington State as well as key decision makers in the grocery industry. The main function of the “KAGRO Newsletter” is to provide a source of communication between the Korean American food and beverage retailers, suppliers and communities they serve. The Korean American retailers have benefit from information on the latest business news, trends, legislative issues, merchandising, and sales promotion in their native language for an easier and accurate understanding.

Suppliers can also benefit from “KAGRO Newsletter” as an excellent tool to advertise and facilitate better marketing efforts. Through this publication, companies can be updated on the various activities of the association and its members, finding better ways to participate and promote their products.

There are approximately 1,000 Korean American food and beverage retailers in the Washington State who receive the “KAGRO Newsletter” each month. Additionally, annual subscription advertisers, corporate association members, and community leaders receive this publication free of charge. Advertisements can be featured either in English and/or Korean depending on the advertiser’s preference.

Editorial Content

Regular features in The KAGRO Newsletter include: an industry news brief, new product introductions, reports on government regulations affecting the industry, and events calendar.. In addition, the “KAGRO Newsletter” delivers news from Chapters of the KAGRO Washington, National KAGRO members across the country, and Canada.

KAGRO Newsletter Features

Regular featured articles in the “KAGRO Newsletter” includes:

  • A letter from the editor
  • Current issues on legislative and regulatory matters
  • KAGRO member news, news from suppliers
  • Upcoming programs of the association
  • Community news, a reader’s column
  • New product announcement


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